CFNM Halloween Party - Attack of the Cum Collectors

Three lovely ladies have invited over their male neighbors over for some Halloween fun. The men arrive dressed a doctor, a prisoner and a mental patient. The girls like the costumes but what they really want is to collect as many load of cum as they can. To do that the guys are going to have to strip down and that's just what they do. The party gets rocking as the men are fondled and jerked until they dump their loads in to the girls pumpkins. One by one the guys shoot their cum as the girls whoop and holler and encourage them to shoot as much as possible. Suddenly, it's the M&M man, and he's hard as a rock and ready to play. "Shoot that load for us!" the girls all yell, cheering him on as he shoots his goo all over and into the plastic pumpkin. "Who can shoot again?" asks one of the ladies. The small dicked guy claims he can and the other guys say they'll give it a try, so the whole process begins again. When will it end?...Only the Cum Collectors know!

Length:25 minutes - Full Length Feature

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